Bulletin 19-12 Children’s Mobile Intervention Services (CMIS) Reimbursement

Bulletin 19-11 BHRS Standard and Non-Standard Level of Care Rate Increases

Bulletin 19-10 Non-Standard Level of Care Rate Increase

Bulletin 19-09 Standard Rate Level of Care Rate Increase

Bulletin 19-08 Business Rules Implementation – Place of Service Limits, 375 Levels of Care

Bulletin 19-07 Supplement to the Manual for Review of Provider Personnel Files (SMRPPF) Update

Bulletin 19-06 Business Rules Implementation – Diagnoses Limits

Bulletin 19-05 Tobacco Use and Treatment Data Capture

Bulletin 19-04 Packet Exemption for Children’s Community Based Levels of Care

Bulletin 19-03 CBE/R Guidelines

Bulletin 19-02 Tobacco Recovery and Wellness Initiative: Requirements for Outpatient-Based Providers

Bulletin 19-01 Front-Ends Claims Edits


Bulletin 18-24 Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Update

Bulletin 18-23 ICD Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Allowable International Classification of Diseases-10-Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) Codes

Bulletin 18-22 Prescriber Rate Increase

Bulletin 18-21 BCBA Rate Increase

Bulletin 18-20 Prior Authorization Requirement Waived for Drug and Alcohol Partial Hospitalization (2A)

Bulletin 18-19 15-day Initial Authorization for 3B

Bulletin 18-18 New Credentialing Manual

Bulletin 18-17 Self-Auditing Process for CBH Providers

Bulletin 18-16 Changes in Credentialing of Independent Practitioners and Group Practice

Bulletin 18-15 Social Determinants of Health Data Capture — Amended

Bulletin 18-14 PRTF/ RTF Interview Requirement and Reimbursement

Bulletin 18-13 Update to Significant Incident Reporting Process 

Bulletin 18-12 Clinical Guidelines

Bulletin 18-11 Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Providers Access Forms

Bulletin 18-10 Supplement to the Manual for Review of Provider Personnel Files

Bulletin 18-09 Diagnostic Laboratory Services in Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment 

Overview of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Bulletins 18-06, 18-07, 18-08

Bulletin 18-08 Prior Authorization Requirement Waived for Medically Monitored Residential Care (Level 3B)

Bulletin 18-07 Requirement for All Crisis Response Centers (CRCs) and Drug and Alcohol Licensed Providers to Establish Protocols to Assist Individuals in Accessing Evidence-Based Treatment, Including Medication-Assisted Treatment

Bulletin 18-06 Expanding Capacity for Withdrawal Management in Residential Drug and Alcohol Levels of Care and Crisis Response Centers

Bulletin 18-05 Per Diem Substance Use Treatment Providers Documentation Requirements

Bulletin 18-04 Level of Care Code Changes: BSC, Lead Clinician, FBA, and ASD-related Services

Bulletin 18-03 TCA Urine Screening Prior Authorization

Bulletin 18-02 Compliance Policies and Procedures

Bulletin 18-01 Billing Changes for Outpatient Drug and Alcohol 


Bulletin 17-14 Retiring of Outpatient Psychiatric Levels of Care Codes

Bulletin 17-13 RTF Staff Requirements

Bulletin 17-12 Changes to Claims Edit for Place of Service and Procedure Code Agreement

Bulletin 17-11 Daily Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Open Bed Registry

Bulletin 17-10 On-site Maintenance, Administration, and Prescription of NALOXONE: Extended Deadlines and Associated Fines

Bulletin 17-09 Requirements for Physicians and Other Practitioners to be Enrolled as Medical Assistance Participating Providers

Bulletin 17-08 Patient Status Codes / Discharge Status Codes Expanded

Bulletin 17-07 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Allowable ICD-10 – CM Codes Updates and Duplicate Diagnosis Code Edit

Bulletin 17-06 Billing Changes for Outpatient Psychiatric Assessment 300-3

Bulletin 17-05 Attestation to Provider Personnel Requirements

Bulletin 17-04 Halfway House (2b) Providers Required to Accept Individuals on All Forms of Medication Assisted Treatment

Bulletin 17-03 Billing Code Changes for Outpatient Psychiatric Services and Outpatient Drug and Alcohol 350-8, 325-21

Bulletin 17-02 Temporary Moratorium on Provider Rate Increase Requests

Bulletin 17-01 Billing Code Changes for Outpatient Psychiatric Services, Partial Psychiatric – 300-2, 300-3, 325-1. 325-5, 325-7


Bulletin 16-09 Certified Nurse Practitioner Requirements for Inpatient Psychiatric Services and Residential Treatment Facilities

Bulletin 16-08 Certified Nurse Practitioner Requirements for Outpatient Psychiatric Services

Bulletin 16-07 Change of Billing Code for Comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluation

Bulletin 16-06 Daily Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Open Bed Registry

Bulletin 16-05 Changes to Claim Edits for HIPAA Transactions for Valid 5+4 Zip Code

Bulletin 16-04 On-Site Maintenance, Administration and Prescription of NALOXONE

Bulletin 16-03 Use of Statistically Random Sampling & Extrapolation of Variance Rates in Compliance Audits

Bulletin 16-02 Business Rule Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Limit of 9.75 hours per week

Bulletin 16-01 Changes to Clearance and Criminal Background Check Requirements


Bulletin 15-06 Significant Incident Reporting (This Bulletin has been superseded by Bulletin 18-13)
– Significant Incident Report Form  (This form has been superseded by the SIR Form under Bulletin 18-13)

Bulletin-15-05 State Allowable ICD-10 CM Codes

Bulletin 15-04 Changes to Clearance and Criminal Background Check Requirements

Bulletin 15-03 Acute Partial Hospital Program Documentation Requirements




Bulletin 10-03 Use of Psychotropic Medications in Children and Adolescents (FDA-Approved and Off-Label)


Bulletin 07-07 Policy Regarding the Screening for and Treatment of the Components of Metabolic Syndrome

Bulletin 07-05 Significant Incident Reporting for Crisis Response Centers/Emergency Assessment Centers