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PLEASE NOTE: If you or someone you know is experiencing a behavioral health crisis and/or requires immediate assistance, please dial 911, visit a Crisis Response Center (CRC), or visit the nearest Emergency Room.

Full Print Version of the CBH Provider Directory
(Updated 6/1/2023)

MHOP Open Access Pilot Program:

To find out more about CBH's Mental Health Outpatient Clinic (MHOP) Open Access Pilot Program, see the program webpage. To find the locations closest to you in this Directory:

  1. Follow the three steps below for our Provider Directory search, and then,
  2. in the "Refine Search" column, set "Facility Type" to "MHOP Open Access Program."

​For questions about the directory or a listed provider, please contact CBH Member Services or contact the provider directly.

*“Language Services” refers to in-person, video, telephone, or written interpretation services.

Outpatient Provider-Reported Routine, Urgent, and Emergent Appointment Availability
(Updated 5/8/23) This document notes all current self-reported appointment availability and wait times for CBH in-network outpatient providers. Please contact the Provider Relations Hotline at 215-413-7660 with any questions.

All information is supplied by the provider upon joining the CBH Provider Network. Information is verified by CBH upon a provider joining the Network, as well as during the re-credentialing process. All information is sourced by CBH using its standard source method.

If CBH receives new information between re-credentialing cycles, the Directory is updated.

Both the online and print versions of the Provider Directory are subject to change. New Provider information will be added as it is available.

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