Provider Network

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s HealthChoices program and the creation of Community Behavioral Health (CBH) in February 1997 offered a special opportunity help improve and expand access to mental health and addiction for Philadelphians in need.

Achieving this aim requires a strong partnership between officials who build and manage public resources and behavioral health professionals whose clinical expertise and compassion can make a real difference in the lives of our City’s most vulnerable citizens. In pursuing that goal, we remain committed to playing a key role in your success, as you have played a key role in ours.

Our Mission

CBH provides access to high-quality, accountable care to improve the health and mental wellness of our Members.

Our Vision

Leading innovation in whole-person care for healthy, thriving communities.

Our Core Values

We Care.

We value and appreciate our staff and service Providers, believing that a healthy, happy workforce creates healthy, happy members. We show our appreciation regularly and listen to concerns. We also care deeply for the overall health of Philadelphians, knowing that a vibrant, thriving, resilient city hinges upon healthy citizens.

We Empower.

We are here for our employees, members, and partners. We are open and transparent, encouraging dialogue and fostering growth so we can all be our best, healthiest selves.

We Connect.

We’re updating our processes and technology to better serve our community, and to communicate more effectively and efficiently. We cultivate two-way communication, sharing our appreciation for our staff and welcoming feedback from them.

We Lead.

Behavioral and mental wellness is our passion, and we are experts in the field. We have been serving the Philadelphia community since 1997, and we know the industry. We cultivate close working relationships with our partners, who are also leaders in the mental health field. We are open to change and innovation to ensure the highest standard of care for all.

How to Become a CBH Provider

What is the process to join the CBH Provider Network?

CBH and DBHIDS utilize procurements in the form of requests for proposals, qualifications, applications, and information to acquire new services or add providers to the CBH Provider Network.

Providers can apply to become a part of our network for select levels of care (based on current member need). Applicants must be Medicaid providers licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) to be considered.

How do I learn of new opportunities within the network?

Visit the Clinical Procurements page to view CBH’s clinical RFPs and RFQs. Such opportunities are also sent out via the CBH Provider News Blast, an email newsletter. Visit the Open Network page to apply for select levels of care.

What does the CBH initial credentialing process entail?

All new providers/programs to the CBH network must complete the initial credentialing process. Upon completion of contract negotiations, providers/programs receive an initial credentialing visit by the Provider Operations Department. The initial credentialing visit may include a review of staff files, a facility tour, a review of written policies and procedures, and a review of clinical records. Additionally, various business documents must be submitted for review. A comprehensive list of these documents can be found in the CBH Provider Manual.


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