Administrative Supervision: An Organizational Processes View

CBH's Provider Training and Development and the Behavioral Health Training and Education Network (BHTEN) present a webinar open to any individual providing administrative supervision in the DBHIDS Provider network who is looking to improve their skills. This session will identify core elements of administrative supervision and their impact on organizational culture and staff retention. Topics […]

Primary Outcomes of Project FACTS: Three Tested Ways of Measuring Clinician Fidelity to CBT


For the last Lunch and Learn of 2022, Dr. Emily Becker-Haimes’ presentation will focus on the five-year outcomes of a randomized trial that tested three brief ways of measuring fidelity to CBT and compared each to direct observation. Dr. Becker-Haimes will talk about how role playing was structured in the study and strategies supervisors can […]

When New Parents Fear Themselves: Scary Thoughts in the Perinatal Period


Licensed professional counselor Hilary Waller, director of programming and psychotherapist with The Postpartum Stress Center, presents this webinar facilitated by the Health Federation of Philadelphia with support from CBH. The discussion will focus on common, intrusive thoughts during the perinatal period and how to reduce resistance to disclosure and stigma. Continuing medical education, nursing, social […]

Beginner’s Guide to Exposure Therapy for Specific Phobias


Dr. Sandy Capaldi will lead this workshop on exposure therapy for specific phobias, presented by EPIC in partnership with BHTEN. Participants will become familiar with the diagnosis and psychopathology of specific phobias, the major categories of specific phobias, the basis and goals for exposure therapy, typical feared consequences of specific phobias, identifying compensatory behaviors related […]

Mindfulness Based Parenting: Supporting Parents in Recovery, hosted by EPIC


Drs. Diane Abatemarco, Kimberly McLaughlin, and Meghan Gannon will lead this guest lecture on Thomas Jefferson University’s Maternal Addiction Treatment Education and Research (MATER) outpatient and residential program. This program is for pregnant and parenting people struggling with substance use and specializing in the treatment of opioid dependence during the perinatal period (during pregnancy and […]