Tobacco-Free Recovery Is Free Recovery 3rd Annual Virtual Conference

The Pennsylvania Statewide Tobacco-Free Recovery Initiative is hosting its third annual tobacco recovery conference. The event will include dynamic presentations and panel discussions with treatment, MCO, and recovery advocate stakeholders to advance tobacco interventions in Pennsylvania’s behavioral health services. Click here to register.

Impact100’s Grant Applicant Information Session

In honor of Impact100's grant application period opening on Monday, October 30th, they are hosting a virtual Grant Applicant Information Session (GAIS) to provide a step-by-step explanation of the funding process. This session covers everything from the application process to eligibility and funding priorities.

Philadelphia Connections Enhanced Placement Series

CBH Providers are invited to attend this Lunch & Learn to learn more about the Enhanced Placement Series. The EP program provides a stipend to graduate social work and psychology students and fourth year BSW students who attend a series of nine free seminars meant to enhance their learning of behavior health needs in the […]

Emerging Drug Trend Symposium

The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) invites its stakeholders for a day of learning and networking at the Penn Harris Hotel. The objectives of this meeting are to leave participants with a better understanding of the latest trends in drug use in Pennsylvania, changes in overdose trends, including increasing rates of overdose deaths […]

Assessing Client Need for Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Connections to Care

In this training, participants learn to implement trauma-informed approaches to assessing client needs for services based on the client's individual goals and desires around sexual and reproductive health. Participants learn basic client-centered counseling skills and how to conduct reproductive and sexual healthcare needs assessments using the PATH model. This training also includes strategies to mitigate […]

Cultivating Awareness of Implicit Racial Bias

In this training, participants learn about implicit bias. Through lectures and experiential activities, participants will learn to recognize and name their own implicit biases. Additionally, they will explore the impact of implicit bias on policies, systems, and interpersonal interactions, and learn about its impact on clinical encounters and outcomes. By the end of the training, […]

Client-Centered Care for Economically Oppressed Communities

This training introduces participants to the historic decisions that influence how we still frame and measure poverty in the United States today. Participants will review the social and environmental factors that contribute to health inequities in economically oppressed communities and explore how these factors can impact prevention efforts, access to care, and implementation of individual […]

Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex, Gender, and the Body

Can people become pregnant before getting their period? Can they get pregnant while chest-feeding? This training is designed to equip participants with information about sex, sexuality, and bodies of all genders. Through presentation, discussion, and interactive activities, participants will both increase their understanding of sexuality and their comfort with discussing it with clients. Topics will […]

CBH Virtual Compliance Forum

The CBH Compliance Department will be hosting their Annual CBH Compliance Forum virtually this year on Thursday, November 16, 2023. Explore crucial topics like fraud prevention, compliance plans, and identifying fraud, waste, and abuse within your agency. Please note that registration is required, and a confirmation email with the Zoom link will be sent. You […]

Health Equity in Substance Use Treatment & Sexual and Reproductive Health

This training explores the definition of health equity used by various public health entities, ranging from national organizations to local agencies. This exploration will be used to ground a discussion about how the concept of health equity is connected to social justice, historic marginalization, and racism, and how these affect health outcomes at the population […]

Educational Series for ASAM Level 3 Providers

This educational series provides prerecorded and live monthly webinars on topics related to residential treatment for substance use disorder. It is especially useful for Level 3 providers currently undergoing ASAM alignment confirmation reviews. Continued Support Planning for Residential Alcohol and Other Drug Programs: Recorded webinar available now! Please go to to view. Resource Coordination […]

Decolonizing Reproductive Care: Reproductive Justice and Black Birthing Justice 101

This training is designed to introduce reproductive health and rights practitioners to Reproductive Justice, a liberatory framework for reproductive care. Participants will learn the principles of Reproductive Justice and Birthing Justice and build the capacity to apply tenets of these frameworks in their practice.