Administrative Procurements

2021 Requests (Closed)

RFP (CLOSED): Multi-Project/Multi-Phased Renovations

Issued: December 3, 2021
Due: December 23, 2021

RFP (CLOSED): American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation Services

Issued: November 5, 2021
Due: November 30, 2021

RFP (CLOSED): Non-English Language Interpretation (NELI) Services

Issued: November 5, 2021
Due: November 30, 2021

RFP (CLOSED): Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Training and Implementation Services

Issued: October 20, 2021
Due: November 10, 2021

RFQ (CLOSED): Recruitment and Staffing Services

Open: 10/18/2021
Due: TBD

RFP (CLOSED): Population Health Management Software Solution

Issued: 10/4/21
Due: 11/1/21

RFP (CLOSED): Cloud Data Platform Project

Open: 09/14/2021
Due: 09/29/2021

RFP (CLOSED): Professional Interior Design, Architecture, and Facility Planning Services

Issued: 06/09/2021
Due: 06/25/2021

RFP (CLOSED): CBH Secure Portal (Reissue)

Reissued: 05/10/2021
Due: 06/22/2021

RFP (CLOSED): Compensation Analysis

Issued: 03/02/2021
Due: 03/30/2021

2020 Requests (Closed)
2016 Requests (Closed)

RFP Retirement Plan Advisor (Posted 12/12/2016)

RFA Case Consultation Training Series: Improving Clinical Skills with Children and Families (Posted 7/18/2016)

NOTICE: CBH will hold an information session on July 25, 2016. See CBH Provider Notices for details.

RFA Participants in the Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Training for Child Outpatient Services (Posted 6/30/2016)

NOTICE: CBH will hold an information session on July 14, 2016. See CBH Provider Notices for details.

RFP Actuarial and Contract Negotiation Services (Posted 6/6/2016)

RFP Managed File Transfer (Posted 5/20/2016)

Note: The Managed File Transfer RFP Notification of the Right to Negotiate has been delayed until around Wednesday, June 29, 2016.

RFP Enterprise Data Warehouse (Posted 4/13/2016)

RFP Wellness Initiatives (Posted 4/7/2016)

2015 Requests (Closed)

RFP Off-Site and Electronic Records Storage Services (Posted 12/3/2015)

RFA Perinatal Depression Training(RE-ISSUE Posted 12/1/2015)

RFA Case Consultation Training Series (Posted 11/20/2015)

RFP Printing Services (Posted 11/5/2015)

RFA Perinatal Depression Training Participants (Posted 10/19/2015)

RFA Long Term Structured Residences Interested in a Beck Initiative Recovery Oriented Cognitive Therapy Training (Posted 10/8/2015)

RFA Beck Initiative Web Based Cognitive Therapy (Posted 9/2/2015)
NOTICE: There has been a delay in posting the selected applicants for the Beck Initiative Web-based Cognitive Therapy Training for Adult Mental Health and Substance Use Outpatient Programs RFA. We expect for this to be posted on or around October 30, 2015.

RFA Training on Recognition Assessment and Treatment of Trauma (Posted 8/13/2015)

RFP Organizational Enhancement Consultation (Posted 7/1/2015)

RFP Procurement Consultant Services Posted (7/1/2015)

RFQ Behavioral Health Care Consultancy Model in Physical Health Settings (Posted 6/12/2015)

RFP HIPAA Security Compliance Assessment (Posted 4/22/2015)

RFP Community And School Support Team Services (Posted 3/20/2015)

RFP Substance Use Adult Partial Hospitalization Revised (Posted 1/26/2015)

RFP Substance Use Adult Partial Hospitalization (Posted 1/8/2015)

Please be advised that unsolicited requests for new programs or program expansions will no longer be accepted for Community Behavioral Health (CBH) services. The Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services will utilize Requests for Proposals (RFP) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQ) to acquire new services or add providers to the CBH network. Requests for the relocation of existing services may still be submitted for consideration.

Please note that the CBH website will be the only guaranteed method of notice for CBH-related RFPs and RFQs. RFPs and RFQs are issued under strict requirements and any responses to an RFP that does not meet the specified requirements, including not submitting responses within the timelines stated in the RFP, will be cause for disqualification. We encourage all current and prospective providers to monitor the CBH website regularly for new contracting opportunities.

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