Member Advisory Council

The Member Advisory Council (MAC) was created in response to CBH’s commitment to supporting its members through culturally responsive practices. The MAC is made up exclusively of members and their authorized representatives. It will consist of no more than 12 diverse group members who represent the CBH membership community and a cross-section of Medicaid programs. Ensuring an inclusive council with diverse perspectives is integral to the function of the MAC.

The MAC is guided by the mission and vision of CBH:

Our Mission

CBH provides access to high-quality, accountable care to improve the health and mental wellness of our members.

Our Vision

Leading innovation in whole-person care for healthy, thriving communities

Goals and Functions

The MAC is led by the Member Services department with the following goals:

  • To serve as a resource for the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) program. The MAC’s role is critical to ensuring that there is sufficient support for culturally inclusive practices at CBH and across the provider network.
  • To provide a forum for committee members to discuss and provide insight and recommendations regarding the impact of CBH programs to help CBH improve the overall experience for all Medicaid enrollees.

The MAC monitors the effectiveness and visibility of CBH’s commitment to culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) throughout the Behavioral Health Services community.

Under the direction and guidance of Member Services, the MAC serves as a forum where CBH member experiences, perspectives, cultural differences, and linguistic needs can be shared in relation to CLAS goals and initiatives. Capturing the diversity, knowledge, cultural differences, and perspectives of our membership is integral to the aspects and functions of the MAC.

The MAC functions to serve as a continuous evaluation process to identify deficiencies and opportunities to improve service delivery and quality of care for our diverse member population. This process also provides indicators to assist in the development and implementation of projects and interventions pertaining to the cultural and linguistic needs of CBH members, including but not limited to:

  • Analyzing grievances and appeals regarding cultural and linguistic identified problems
  • Assessing member satisfaction with the quality and availability of language assistance resources
  • Monitoring efforts to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and standards for cultural and linguistic services
  • Identifying CLAS deficiencies or areas for improvement and corrective action plans
  • Providing feedback regarding member communications/materials

Committee Structure

The MAC has substantive participation from the community it serves to ensure that it meets the needs of the population. At best, the MAC members will represent the racial/ethnic and linguistic groups that constitute at least five percent of eligible individuals. The MAC will not exceed 15 members, which includes internal representation from CBH.

MAC commitment includes:

  • A two-year calendar term
  • Attendance and participation in four virtual quarterly meetings
  • A demonstration of respect, honest communication, and privacy/confidentiality

Participants will receive a stipend in the form of an electronic gift card for member participation. The cards will be processed and sent to a valid email address. Attendance will be required to receive compensation.


The MAC shall meet quarterly, at minimum, to discuss preset CLAS agenda items and shall include CBH Executive Management as guest contributors to reinforce leadership’s commitment to CLAS. When necessary, meetings will be held virtually using Zoom or a similar virtual platform. Login instructions will be provided to members in advance of meetings and will not require additional software installation.

MAC Application

If you are interested in participating in this new and exciting endeavor, please complete the MAC Application.

Please contact with any questions.

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