Community Behavioral Health works to make sure all members are receiving the care and support that they need. This screening program was designed to help with identifying signs of depression and substance use disorder. It is not uncommon for depression and substance abuse to happen at the same time, so these recommended screening tools can be used together to identify both depression and substance use. The Zung Depression Scale has 20 questions that will help identify symptoms of depression and the AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) has 10 questions to help identify unhealthy use of alcohol. The links to these screening tools are found below:

The results of the screenings do not necessarily mean you have a certain diagnosis but can be a useful indicator. CBH recommends that you discuss your screening results with a healthcare professional, such as your medical doctor or therapist. If you need help being connected to these services, please contact CBH Member Services.

Please keep in mind that mental health and substance use disorders can be serious and sometimes require emergency help. If you are in an emergency situation, or in immediate danger of hurting yourself or someone else, go to the nearest emergency room or crisis response center, call 911, or call the 24-hour Suicide Crisis and Intervention Line at 215-686-4420.

Tobacco Use Screening Program

CBH is committed to ensuring that all member’s substance use needs are being met, including tobacco use. The use of tobacco products is much more common among adolescents and adults with behavioral health conditions. A quick and easy way to learn whether the use of tobacco products may be a concern is to complete the following questionnaire:

If you need help with completing the questionnaire, please contact CBH Member Services.

You may also share the results of the tobacco use questionnaire with your behavioral health provider or primary care physician or other healthcare professional.