Language Assistance Resources

Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and as outlined in the CBH Provider Agreement, providers who receive federal funds are responsible for ensuring the availability of language and communications services to limited English proficiency individuals and should have an internal language access plan to do so. Providers should utilize CBH language assistance resources when no other services are available.

Individual  Language Needs of CBH Members

CBH shall share individual member language needs with the provider as part of the intake process within the Member Services department. When a CBH member contacts Member Services to schedule a behavioral health medical appointment, the representative will conduct an intake assessment that includes identification of the member’s preferred language which will be shared with the provider during the confirmation of the scheduled appointment. This patient-specific communication will assist the provider in determining whether language assistance resources are needed for the appointment.

Accessing Language Interpretation Services

Providers can request language interpretation services (e.g., in-person, video, or telephone interpretation services) for member appointments by completing an Interpretation Service Request Form (ISRF). Requests for language interpretation services received after normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or on weekends will be processed the next business day. CBH requests a minimum of three to five days to schedule language interpretation services. An emergency on-call supervisor is available to assist with expedited coordination of language interpretation services.

Please complete the ISRF with the following information:

  • First and Last Name of Individual
  • CIS Number of the Individual
  • Date of the Appointment
  • Duration of the Appointment
  • Provider Name
  • Interpretation Vendor Name
  • Appointment Location
  • Language Needed
  • Cost of Services
  • Comments

Upon completion and submission of the ISRF, the provider will receive a confirmation email stating, “your request has been submitted.” If the provider does not receive the confirmation receipt email within 24 hours of the request, they should contact CBH Member Services.

Providers are asked to notify the CBH Member Services Interpretation Team (MSIT) in the event the appointment is canceled or to report any concerns with the language interpretation services. If a member needs to cancel their appointment, they are asked to contact Member Services and/or their provider. Cancellations will be documented in the Clinical Information System.

Language interpretation services are also available for the following CBH meetings and/or events:

  • Grievance Hearings
  • Complaint Hearings

Language  Identification Guide

As an additional language assistance resource, CBH offers providers a language identification guide. This guide provides instructions in the top 99 common languages, including CBH threshold languages, which providers can share with individuals to assist in identifying their preferred language. The following statement is translated: “Point to your language. An interpreter will be called. The interpreter is provided at no cost to you.”

Language Interpretation Resources Availability and Accessibility Overview Training for CBH Providers

All new providers are invited to participate in the Language Interpretation Resources Availability and Accessibility Overview for CBH Providers training as part of the CBH virtual new provider orientation. This training provides an overview of the CBH member population spoken languages and available CBH language assistance resources.

CBH also encourages existing providers and their staff to participate in the training annually.

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