DBHIDS Heat Safety Policy Update

Published on May 18, 2022

As the warm weather returns, DBHIDS has released an updated heat safety policy. Along with this policy, a collection of flyers, resources, and checklists is included.
The policy itself contains safety requirements for the following DBHIDS-funded programs:

  • Residential Programs (including congregate residences, supported independent living and mobile psychiatric resource services, and recovery houses)
  • Licensed Drug and Alcohol Facilities
  • Case Management Programs
  • Certified Peer Specialist Programs
  • Certified Peer Recovery Programs

The safety measures entail training, monitoring, and mechanical cooling requirements. Additionally, though the policy only applies directly to the types of programs identified here, all DBHIDS-funded programs would benefit from the implementation of these safety measures.
To aid in training, DBHIDS is offering providers and staff a heat safety course on its Learning Hub (see the electives folder). Instructions for provider staff to create a Learning Hub account can be found here. If you encounter issues with logging into the eLearning course, please contact DBHIDS.LearningHub@Phila.gov. If you already have a Learning Hub account, please do not create a new one.
With restricted use of air-conditioned public spaces such as libraries and malls due to COVID-19, prevention measures, educating program participants on methods of staying cool, and checking on individuals throughout the summer are now more important than ever.
If you have any questions about the heat safety policy requirements, please contact your DBHIDS representative.