CBH works to maintain a robust provider network. If an in-network provider cannot meet the clinical needs of a member, an Out-of-Network (OON) provider may be considered. CBH will approve and reimburse OON medically necessary behavioral health services provided to members when there is a demonstrated need for the service. Please review and complete the OON Provider Application which includes an attestation that all information submitted is accurate and the organization agrees to comply with all stipulations outlined in the attestation.

CBH Non-Par Provider Information Form


Out of Network Application Tutorial Webinar

January 14, 2021


Any questions regarding CBH OON/Non-Participating Provider Application process can be directed to the CBH OON Provider Hotline at 215-413-7660 (select option 2) or via e-mail at CBHOON@phila.gov. Please provide the facility name, contact person, phone number, and email address when contacting CBH.