For CBH’s full webpage of COVID-19 information and resources, click here.


Coronavirus-Related Guidance for CBH Providers

CBH has released a Notice containing guidance about Medicaid Regulations, Telehealth Considerations, CBH Provider Policy and Operational Changes to Date, Compliance with Public Health Recommendations, Communication Regarding COVID-19, Communication and Advocacy Across the Commonwealth, Encounter Data, and Key Elements of a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP). Refer to the March 16, 2020 CBH Provider Notice: Coronavirus-RelatedGuidancefor CBH providers.

PDPH Coronavirus Preparedness Event

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) hosted an event for coronavirus preparedness titled “COVID-19 Preparedness for Service Providers and Community-Based Organizations” on Monday, March 16, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Read more and register here.