As a reminder, CBH does not have a pharmacy benefit, and as such is not responsible for the approval or rejection of medication claims through your pharmacy. Neither are we a part of prior authorization processes for the insurance companies.

To assist you in navigating, we have assembled some medical- and pharmacy-related information for the four insurance companies that serve Medicaid recipients in Philadelphia.

Please Note: Effective January 1, 2020, Pennsylvania Medicaid began operating a central Preferred Drug List/Formulary. If there are any questions about the medications not captured within the state PDL, reach out to your individual insurance company using the contact information provided below.


HealthChoices Medicaid Health Plans

  • Keystone First
    Member Services: 1-800-521-6860 (TTY 1-800-684-5505)
    Nurse Call Line: 1-866-431-1514
    Pharmacy Services: 1-800-588-6767


Community Health Choices Medicaid Health Plans