What is an Interagency Team Meeting?

An interagency team meeting is a meeting of people from different groups responsible for the treatment of a child or adolescent.

Who is in an Interagency Team?

An interagency team is a group made up of:

  • The child or adolescent being treated
  • At least one family member of the child being treated
  • Someone from CBH
  • The treatment provider or doctor
  • Any additional treatment providers involved in the child’s care, such as:
  • The Philadelphia Department of Human Services, Children and Youth Division
  • Juvenile Justice Services
  • Intellectual disAbility Services
  • The School District of Philadelphia
  • The child’s physical health care provider or primary care physician

How do Interagency Team Meetings Happen, and What Happens in the Meetings?

A parent or guardian can ask their child’s treatment provider to schedule an interagency meeting at any time. These meetings will happen in-person when possible or by phone. The team will meet together to assess the needs and strengths of the child and family, make goals for treatment, discuss services and treatments and how often treatment should happen, and make a plan for how and when to end treatment.