Philadelphia has a comprehensive behavioral health system that was created through a unique partnership between the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disABILITY Services (DBHIDS) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 1997, Philadelphia launched its own behavioral health managed care organization, Community Behavioral Health (CBH). It is one of the few cities in the nation to do so.

CBH is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation contracted by the City of Philadelphia to manage the delivery of behavioral health services for Medicaid recipients of Philadelphia County. Services are delivered in accordance with Pennsylvania’s HealthChoices Program, administrated through the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS).

CBH authorizes payment for a vast array of services, including mental health and substance use outpatient programs, residential rehabilitation programs, inpatient psychiatric and addictions treatment programs, and family and community-based therapies. The provider’s responsibility is to deliver effective and medically necessary services in the least restrictive, most developmentally appropriate, and culturally competent manner. In creating and maintaining this managed care system, CBH promotes member and family participation, maximum access, public accountability, and local control, with the efficient use of available resources.

Community Behavioral Health’s primary goal is to effectively address and support the overall health and wellness of Philadelphians across many domains, in partnership with DBHIDS, other government agencies, and Philadelphia’s physical health managed care organizations. Over the span of its 20-year history, CBH has been and remains committed to ensuring Philadelphians receive an array of high quality, cost-effective, recovery-oriented, and evidence-based services while working alongside other social service agencies to respond to and advocate for the health needs of all city residents who lack healthcare.

CBH History

The Philadelphia behavioral health system is made up of the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) which includes Community Behavioral Health (CBH) and providers of services. The behavioral health system is here to help people find recovery from substance use or mental illness.

CBH is a Managed Care Organization (MCO). CBH works with our Pennsylvania state partners at the PA Department of Human Services’ Office of Mental Health & Substance Use Services (OMHSAS). Together we manage behavioral health benefits for Philadelphia residents who receive Medical Assistance (MA), also known as Medicaid.

As a Medicaid recipient, you can choose which Physical Health Managed Care Organization will manage your physical health care. If you have questions about your physical healthcare plan, you can reach one of these Philadelphia physical healthcare plans:

Aetna Better Health
2000 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Member Services: 1-866-638-1232
TTY: Relay – 7-1-1

Keystone First
200 Stevens Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19113
Member Services: 1-800-521-6860
TTY: 1-800-684-5505

Health Partners Plans
901 Market Street #500
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Member Services: 1-800-553-0784
TTY: 215-849-1579

United Healthcare Community Plan of Pennsylvania
1100 East Penn Square #9
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Member Services: 1-800-321-4462
TTY: 1-800-654-5984

CBH is the only behavioral health care MCO for Philadelphia County. CBH does not provide direct care. We help arrange and pay for your behavioral health care, which includes mental health and substance use services.

CBH is a non-profit company that works with your service provider. CBH can answer your questions and make sure that you can find a provider near you and that you have a choice of providers. CBH makes sure that you are receiving the kind of services that you need and that the services are covered under HealthChoices. CBH may not cover all of your health care expenses. Read your handbook carefully to determine which health care services are covered. You can call CBH at 1-866-545-2600 with any questions about which health care services are covered.

Annually, the Department of Behavioral Health & Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) engages an external auditing firm to conduct a financial audit of the Philadelphia HealthChoices Behavioral Health Program and Community Behavioral Health. The most recent audited financials are available upon request by contacting